Obesity in children is seen spreading all over the world and 42 million children below the age of 5 are already overweight. These kids are at a greater risk for various chronic ailments like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc. and these kids remain overweight even as adults. The preschool age is the most crucial in the development of obesity in the future. Childhood obesity is directly associated with eating habits and physical activity. It has been observed that nowadays children spend more and more time indoors indulging in sedentary activities like playing video games and others. This is the reason that they do not get the necessary exercise which is required for children to remain fit. Here outdoor playground equipment comes into the picture because attractive stuff will motivate the child to play outdoors and indulge in vigorous physical activity.

Most pre-school institutes are opting for outdoor play

Nowadays the educators understand the importance of physical activity for very young children and this is the reason that they install playground equipment in their institutes for pre-school children. A lot of research goes into designing this equipment because it should be good enough to give the child an overall workout. At the same time, children are more prone to accidents, which is why it is necessary for the designers of playground equipment to bear this in mind. They design playground equipment keeping in mind the safety factor for very young children.